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Fonefix is officially authorised to repair the following global brands:

This mainly includes smartphone, tablet, watch and other related electronic products in the “mobile device” category. With Apple, we can service their complete product range, including Mac.


We can also repair several other brands on an “out of warranty” basis, including Samsung, where we maintain access to 100% genuine Samsung parts. It is normally a case by case basis with these brands, we need to discuss your specific repair needs and confirm the solution we can provide.


Because we deal directly with the manufacturers and use genuine parts only, we tend to be more expensive than third-party non-authorised repair shops, but you can be assured of quality and ongoing manufacturer support.



Fonefix works closely with approved national retailers including carriers and mass retailers, whereby they send repair jobs via courier to us.


Some of the major retailers we work with are:



We also offer direct customer support, to enable you as the end customer to deal with us directly.


The options we have available are:



Our retail operation in Mt Wellington, Auckland is open for those customers who are able to make it in to see us.



This may be your preferred engagement method, whether you are based in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand.


The courier options we have available are:




We have two levels of service assessment fees:

These fees are normally chargeable upon booking confirmation under the following situations:

We will manage the charging of this fee on a case by case basis, normally we send you a link to our payment portal via email which allows you to process payment and for the repair assessment to proceed.


In some cases we may waive this fee especially if you accept a fixed price repair quote prior to the booking.


We advise you to browse our website for details on your specific model as there is up-to-date fixed pricing for each model for common repairs like screen replacements.


If you do accept our repair quote, payment is generally handled via an email payment link or via bank transfer, whichever is easiest for you. The cost of any pre-paid service assessment fees will be deducted from the final invoice.

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