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Alcatel OT-995 Standard Repair

Alcatel OT-995 Standard Repair

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This covers most issues with your device other than broken or smashed screens, housing replacements and basic software upgrades/issues. Examples may include issues related to audio, battery power, charging, network, camera, and SIM or memory cards.

A Standard Repair is required for one or more of the following faults listed below. If you are uncertain about choosing this repair category when booking a phone for repair, please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives for advice on 0800 366 334. Alternatively please send us an email to service@fonefix.co.nz and we will respond as soon as possible.

Home Button
Fault: Home button/volumes buttons/power button/silent switch not funtioning.

Battery Cover
Fault: Battery cover damaged or cracked due to impact or pressure damage.
Solution: Fonefix will replace the battery cover with an OEM product.

Fault: The phone freezes and become non responsive or unable to start up completely. Software faults may also include slow responses in the menu or being unable to access some features.
Solution: The phone is reloaded with the manufacturer's latest software specific to the phone and network product code. Please note that it is unlikely that we will be able to save your data due to SOFTWARE corruption. If you have selected the DATA BACK-UP ADD-ON service, we will attempt to save your data before the new software files are loaded on the phone but cannot guarantee the success thereof, whereby your account will be refunded for the DATA BACK-UP ADD-ON service.
Fault: You are unable to hear the other person during call or the voice quality is poor.
Solution: Fonefix will replace the faulty component with a genuine manufacturer supplied earpiece.

Ringer / Buzzer
Fault: The ring sound for incoming calls and TXTs on your phone is poor or very soft. In some cases there is no ring sound at all.
Solution: Fonefix will replace the faulty component.

Fault: When on a call, the other person is unable to hear you or the other person will complain that the voice quality is poor.
Solution: Fonefix will replace the faulty component.

Charging Port
Fault: The phone is unable to charge due to a faulty or damaged charging connector.
Solution: Faulty charging port component replacement.

General Service
Fault: Some handsets become faulty over a period of time and need to be serviced. Most of the standard repair faults will be paid attention to and tested.
Solution: Handset will be serviced and cleaned - component replacement and soldering where deemed necessary.

Liquid Damage
Fault: Minor liquid damage to a handset might be viable to be repaired as a standard repair service. These are common with minor spills.
Solution: PLEASE REMOVE THE BATTERY IMMEDIATELY! Do not place the battery in the phone after it has been in contact with liquid, not even after you attempt to dry the phone. Once we receive the handset at the technical centre, we will assess the liquid damage and advise on the viability of the repair. Please note that if we are unable to repair the phone to an acceptable standard we might re-quote to an advanced repair or credit your account in full and ship the phone back to you at no cost.

SIM card Reader
Fault: SIM card reader becomes faulty and your phone is unable to read the SIM content.
Solution: SIM card reader replacement.

Fault: No network coverage or poor network coverage.
Solution: Replace antenna or relevant components on the PCB.

Power failure
Fault: The phone does not switch on.
Solution: Replace relevant components and rework PCB where necessary.

Earphone Jack Connector
Fault: Connector damaged, resulting in no audio on the headset.
Solution: Earpiece Jack connector replacement.

Data Cable Connector
Fault: Connector damaged, resulting in the phone NOT connecting to your computer or unable to transfer files across.
Solution: Data connector port replacement.

Fault: Camera not working, shutter not functioning or colour display incorrect.
Solution: Replace camera module and or controlling components.

Fault: Unable to connector pair to other devices or transfer files via Bluetooth.
Solution: Repair or replacement of the controlling IC or component.

Fault: Unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network.
Solution: Repair or replacement of the controlling IC or component.

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