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Apple iPhone 7 Display Replacement - Non-Warranty

Apple iPhone 7 Display Replacement - Non-Warranty

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Fonefix is an Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP), servicing the full suite of Apple products under official global processes, the work is performed by fully certified Apple technicians.
If your Apple display is broken or faulty, and the unit is out of warranty due to physical or liquid damage, unauthorized modifications, or is outside its warranty period, we have a specialised Apple option to replace the display assembly, which includes the front glass, LCD and surrounding frame, as well as other minor components.
This option requires Fonefix to send the device to a specialised Apple repair centre, who use special equipment to calibrate the display correctly, and only applies if there is no other damage to the unit apart from a damaged or faulty display (for example if the rear housing enclosure has suffered heavy dents, or is bent, this option most likely will not apply and a re-quote will be required, to ensure the highest product quality is achieved at all times). This option should not be compared with screen replacements which may be available at non-authorised repair centres, who do not have access to the specialised calibration equipment available via Apple Authorised Service Providers.
PLEASE NOTE - The repair process will take approximately 2 - 3 working days to complete, it is not completed on-site.
On request for a $30 additional fee, we may be able to backup your data before sending the unit away, and then restore the data when the unit is returned, but only if the data is retrievable.
If you would like to proceed with this option you can create an account and go through the checkout process, entering brief details of the fault in the Notes section. You will have an option to send the device to us at your cost, or if you prefer you can pay $10 for us to send you out a return courier bag. Alternatively you can bring the device directly into our service centre in Auckland.

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